BACnet Test Client

The BACnet Test Client demo can be downloaded from our downloads page. A subscription is required to access further testing, available as follows

[table] ,Free,Silver,Gold

Tests from ASHRAE 135.1,Some,y,y [3]

Basic Read Tests,y,y,y

Write Tests,n,y,y

BACnet Router Tests,n,n,y

Foreign Device Test,n,n,y

BBMD Tests,n,n,y

Total number of tests,20+,40+,115+

Cost [2],Free,$195,$995




[1] We guarantee to find 3 serious flaws, or 9 trivial flaws, or spend 30 hours testing, whichever comes first.

[2] Not including shipping, handling, insurance, and other direct expenses. Subscription are per year. Monthly subscriptions available, please contact

[3] Not all BTC 135.1 are available, or possible using out automated approach.