Perpetual Plugfest™ BACnet Testing Service

Sign up now for access to our Perpetual Plugfest™ Testing Services at a special rate of $49.95 per month.

When you send us your IUT (Implementation Under Test) with an intial set-up fee of $495.00, we will hook it into our permanently established Test Network of similar BACnet devices. All BACnet traffic is regularly monitored for error conditions, and if any errors are detected that involve your IUT, we will provide you a notification of the event, traffic logs around the time of the event, and any other information that allows you to diagnose and reproduce the event.

This will help your engineering team uncover and solve bugs and issues that may otherwise have happened on site, with all the related impact on project timelines, costs and reputations!

This is you chance to avoid all that. For more information please contact us at

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